'Don't be a Duck' - Continuing to improve the junior rugby environment at Noosa Dolphins.

To all junior clubs and visitors to Noosa Dolphins,

The Dolphins are known for creating a welcoming, enjoyable, calm and safe environment for junior rugby, and as part of continually improving what we do, we have implemented the 'Don’t be a Duck' initiative.

What is Don’t be a Duck?
'Don’t be a Duck' is a simple message that we can use to remind each other about expected behaviour when at Noosa Dolphins. You’ll see 'Don't be a Duck' signs around our grounds to assist in encouraging this message.

We all have permission
If someone is not behaving in an appropriate manner, we all have permission to tap each other on the shoulder and say 'Don’t be a Duck'.

What DO we expect?
>  Smile and say 'hi'
>  Enjoy watching your child play
>  Applaud and cheer good play
>  Enjoy good conversation and a bit of banter with other supporters
Quick tip: sometimes the best support is to say and do nothing at all – we call it 'silent support' – just watch and enjoy!

We DO NOT have time for…
>  Applauding player errors
>  Taunting and jeering and intimidating players
>  Yelling at the referee
>  Intimidating music
>  Abusive language

Stuff this! I’ll do what I want!
If supporters (or coaches for that matter) can’t behave in an appropriate manner then expect consequences ranging from a tap on the shoulder – 'Don’t be a Duck' – through to the match being halted, rescheduled and individuals or groups being banned from Noosa Dolphins' grounds.

Visiting coaches and visiting officials have a special role to play in creating the right environment for the appropriate behaviour of their team and their team’s supporters; coaches should expect to manage and take responsibilty for the behaviour of their team and supporters.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to enjoy junior rugby with us.