​​​​​​​Click here to view the 2024 fee structure.

Before proceeding take note of which age group your child will be playing. It is based on the calendar year of their birth.

Children born after 2018 are unable to register with Noosa Dolphins at this time.

U6 - 2018U10 - 2014U14 - 2010
U7 - 2017U11 - 2013U15 - 2009
U8 - 2016U12 - 2012U16 - 2008
U9 - 2015U13 - 2011U17/U18 - 2007/2006


Click here for the Queensland Government information page.

The Process:

  • Print out the approved Fairplay voucher, for information click here.
  • Bring the voucher to Rhiannon Perkins on kit collection day at the club.
  • Pay FULL FEE registration for your child.
  • The club will submit your voucher on your behalf, and you'll be reimbursed once the club receives the funds.

Noosa Rugby will be running an 8-week ‘Girls Only’ Rugby 7’s Program for those looking to get started in this exciting and entertaining sport. Further information is available here. Registration fee for girls aged 6 to 17 is $80 including the 8-week program and a Dolphins training top. Please register here.


Click here to view the 2024 fee structure for our senior men's teams. Seasonal, casual, and training-only options are available. Please complete the online registration here or via the Rugby Xplorer app.

PLEASE NOTE: A player cannot be selected for any team if they have not registered and paid via Rugby Xplorer in the current season. Please be aware that player insurance lapses at the end of each calendar year. Each player is responsible for registering as a 'training only participant' in the preseason at a minimum to be covered by insurance in the event of any injury.


It is a RugbyAU regulatory requirement that ALL non-playing members (committee members and team officials - coaches, managers, first aid/medical staff, etc.) and match officials are registered using the online self-registration Rugby Xplorer system.

This ensures that while participating in your Rugby duties you are covered under the Rugby Australia National Insurance Scheme.

Click here to register as a much-valued Dolphin volunteer. 

GET RUGBY READY in three easy steps.

Complete the junior online registration:

Step 1 - Register or sign in at

  • For those on a computer select 'Register' on the left-hand tab.
  • For those on the app select 'More' at the bottom and then 'Register'
  • Search ‘Noosa’ and select ‘Noosa Junior Rugby Club’
  • Registration Type - ‘Player’ - ‘XVs Juniors QLDC’ - ‘Season’
  • Follow the prompts for personal details and payment

Step 2 - Pick up your player’s kit on Friday 9th or 16th February, 4 - 6 pm.

Step 3 - Join your age group's Facebook page for all the latest team info.